Thursday, April 3, 2008

Blog Tip #25: How to defend from typos costing you Amazon Associate sales

If you are using the Amazon Affiliates program, and you create links manually, you have to append your Amazon affiliate ID to the url in order to get credit with a sale. However, since this is a manual effort, no matter how careful you are, and how much you double-check, there will be times when you will enter the wrong affiliate ID, which means any sales generated won't be credited to you.

While there's no way to prevent this from happening, we do have a tip for you that can help minimize its impact: Every time you have a typo, add that mistyped ID to your Amazon Affiliate Tracking IDs.

Why? Because your typing style is likely to have created the same typo in the past, and will likely create the same typo in the future. So defend yourself from the same typo biting you over and over by adding it to your Tracking IDs!

Also, if you know that you are mistyping a word on a regular basis, and you use that word as part of your Amazon affiliate ID, add the mistyped name to your list of IDs!

Obviously we as affiliate users have no control over the "-20" part, so that you have to really be careful to type it right!

How will you know this Tip helped?
You can thank me later when you look at your Amazon Reports and see Clicks or even Affiliate Sales from the mistyped tracking IDs :-)

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