Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blog Tip #23: Free RSS feed buttons and icons to boost your subcribers

RSS feeds and subscribers are one of the areas of interest for those who want to expand their blog's reach and boost their measurables. The great Problogger site has 11 tips on boosting your subscription. For those not familiar with RSS feeds and such, Problogger has posted an RSS Introduction

So to build upon what ProBlogger is saying above, we have looked around the net to find some FREE eye-catching buttons that you can feature on your blog to advertise your RSS feed. The buttons are free, but it's nice to thank the people offering them, and give them some LL on your blog/site. The green button we use in this posted is provided by Nyssajbrown.net.

Here are four sites that have a large variety of buttons and icons of diferent sizes, shapes and colors:

  • Mouse Runner
  • Nyssajbrown.net
  • Garcya
  • Snap Objects

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