Monday, December 31, 2007

Blog Tip #21: Holiday Blogging Marathon

This comes from the department of unconventional wisdom, and there's no guarantee this will be successful. But think about it. When everyone takes off for the holiday (New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving), the web continues to function. Google Search still needs to be fed with new content.

Granted the number of readers is much lower on holidays, but you can generate some attention around your blog if you are the only one posting - both in terms of machines (search engines, advertising, etc) and in human terms (readers).

If you do plan to have a Holiday Blogging Marathon, it helps if you plan ahead of what you are going to write and when to publish it. Also because not as many people will be reading it, be sure to write posts that can be re-used and re-published later on. This is good for tutorial, how-to, and resource type of posts that won't lose their value a month or a year later.

Again this is an unconventional idea and goes contrary to conventional wisdom, but sometimes you have to try being "outside the box".

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