Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Chitika RPU is now open to all publishers!

Chitika has just made their RPU feature available to all their publishers! This is great news! RPU are pay per click ad units that are designed to go at the end of a blog post or a review or an article, and are low-key, and they provide readers related products to what are being discussed in the blog post or article!

The other good news is that RPU and most of the other Chitika products that don't use "sensing" are compatible and even complimentary to Google Adsense! Chitika has produced in association with five expert bloggers a mini-series on Chitika and Adsense. Enjoy! This is a nice read as it has helpful suggestions and recommendations in general! This is the RPU & Adsense specific tip.

Not a Chitika Publisher yet?
If you are not a Chitika publisher yet, consider signing up with Chitika! You can use the link in this paragraph and thank us for the tip at the same time :)

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