Monday, June 23, 2008

Excellent advice for those running affiliate programs

While reading the Pepperjam blog (more on this in a few minutes), we saw an interview with the owner of UberAffiliate. While reading their blog we noticed a great article advising people who run affiliate programs how to treat their affiliates. After using a number of affiliate programs and services, and interacting with a number of affiliate associates and customer service representatives, we couldn't agree more with what UberAffiliate wrote.

We saw some of the traits mentioned above in some of the efficient and effective affiliates we are using, and we also some of the things mentioned above missing from affiliate programs that we found ineffective or inefficient. A well-written article by UberAffiliate.

But the above list is also a good indicator for bloggers and webmasters using affiliate programs and interacting with the affiliate managers and associates. If half of your questions go unanswered, don't necessarily blame yourself for asking unimportant questions or for being "too small" to be worthy of their attention. You might just be dealing with an overloaded or poorly managed affilaite program instead.

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