Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Warning!! Latest Java update installs Yahoo Toolbar without permission!

Desperate times at Sun and Yahoo? So desperate that they had to force the Yahoo Toolbar on everyone getting the latest Java software update? An update initiated by Java itself by the way.

More on this at the Mozilla forum and the Sun developer forum.

A screenshot of the abomination at Flickr.


Max said...

That says a lot about the two companies and the lack of respect of their customers.

1001 blog tips said...

Indeed, this was surprisingly sad, as these are not companies one would typically associate with this type of software mis-behavior.

Angela said...

I was trying to figure out if dad had used my computer this morning when I discovered the toolbar installed on my computer. This makes much more sense, and is much more infuriating.

kencsmith said...

I was pretty sure I had unchecked the toolbar selection but I got it too. I figured out a way to prevent this in the future, I deinstalled Java (the JRE and a half dozen updates), freeing up over 1 GB of disk space and any chance of recurrance. I wonder if this is what Sun had in mind?

1001 blog tips said...

I guess it's desperate times desperate measures at both Yahoo and Sun :-(

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