Sunday, August 31, 2008

Google AdManager goes in open beta

If you are looking for a free remote-hosted ad-management solution and you were anxiously waiting for Google's Ad-Manager or hosted OpenX to go live, you are in luck! Google Ad Manager is now in open beta. We don't know if OpenX has set a date, if you know, please let us know.

If you have an Adsense account, you can sign up for Google Ad-Manager and get started right away. As with all Google products, it has the spartan and lean Google user interface and the "Google way of doing things" interface (mentality). So you will feel at home (excited or frustrated) if you are familiar with how other Google-developed product look and feel.

Of course free service means no customer support, so if you want fast, efficient and knowledgeable service, you have to use a for-pay service. Adspeed is one we have been using for a few months and we like very much. The best way to get started is the 100,000 ad-impressions for $10 per month plan starting with the 10-day free trial. Here is our long AdSpeed review.

But FREE is something we love! As soon as we can set aside a few hours, we will experiment with the Google AdManager and post our first impressions. And once we become familiar with it, we may post a comparison between AdManager and AdSpeed. Time permitting.

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