Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog Tip #29: Thesaurus is your friend when desperately looking for unused names

We already mentioned in Tip #28 that getting into a creative mood can help you, but that's not enough, because a lot of the "good names" are either taken or have an unknown or dubious history.

So in order to accelerate your creative process, I highly recommend using an online thesaurus and dictionary combo. Start searching for words that convey what your new blog or website is going to be, and keep opening words that sound promising in new browser tabs. Repeat this process until you go crazy or your browser crashes :-)

This process may take an hour or two, but if you are able to concentrate during this process, you will end up with some really good names. Some you can use right away, others you can save up in the future. Or if they are too good, you can make some money on the side by using the new AdSense-for-Parked-Domains or perhaps sell them in the domain buy/sell market.

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