Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tip #16: Add some fun widgets to your blog

This of course depends on what type of blog you have, what the subject of your blog is and what your audience is. Some blogs are more ideally suited for "fun content". If your blog falls into that category, then adding some fun interactive or eye-catching widgets may be a good idea.

Here is an example, a widget that determines what reading level is needed for people to read your blog. Of course take the results with a grain of sea-salt, but that's why it's fun! The widget is offered at the Critics Rant blog. Here is an example of what the widget thinks about this blog:

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1001 blog tips said...

Thanks for your comment! This blog is in a pre-beta stage at the moment. I will be adding more things in the next few days!

I'll take a look at BloggrZ. If I can find some extra time, I'll give it a try! If only there were 48 hours in a day!

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