Friday, November 9, 2007

Tip #12: Add a Suggestion Board and widget on your blog using

While there are many widgets out there that look really cool but offer very little practical value, Suggestion Boxes and Boards are actually both fun and very practical. You can engage your readers and get their feedback, opinion and suggestions on your blog and site.

It's much easier to do that with a dedicated tool rather than using blog posts and polls. I highly recommend, it is very practical, lightweight and simple to use.

There are two basic steps to get set up: Create a Suggestion Board page for your blog at and then claim ownership of the board. Claiming ownership gives you admin priviledges over the board for your blog. This is done to protect blog and website owners.

There are two ways you can use the FeVote suggestion board after you create it:

1) Add a link from your blog to the suggestion board. Name the link something like "Suggestions?" or "Make a suggestion" or something along those lines.

2) Add a Suggestion Box widget on your blog that is inter-linked with the Suggestion Board at This allows users to make suggestions and vote on suggestions directly from your blog, without leaving your site. The nice thing is that the widget size is fully customizable, so you can fit it in thin or wide sidebars, or even the header or footer of your blog.

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