Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tip #4: Give the Blog Rush widget a try!

Blog Rush is a new idea from John Reese. His idea is simple to understand but difficult to implement: create a blogger syndication network. Each blogger posts a widget on their blog that contains five links to other blogs that have a similar theme. Thus every blogger gets exposure on other people's blogs. It also allows bloggers themselves an opportunity to network with other bloggers featured on their blog and vice versa.

While it's too early to tell whether Blog Rush will become a supersmash hit, this is a good time to join in. You don't have much to lose. All you have to do is place their widget at a reasonable location on your blog. They are currently in the middle of an upgrade that is taking them longer than expected, but they promise more features and functionality with the 2.0 version. There is plenty of upside to this service if all goes according to plan.

How does it work? For every time the blog widget is shown on your blog, you earn one credit (your blog is shown on other people's widgets). So if you have 1000 visitors per day, your blog will appear in 1000 BlogRush widgets throughout the day.

But if you recruit people to sign up for BlogRush, you will earn bonus syndication credits, and the more people you refer earlier, the better, especially if this service becomes a big hit!

If your blog is too new, or does not have a lot of content, it may not be approved right away. Ideally you should have about ten or so meaningful posts. Made for AdSense or Made for Advertising blogs without content are probably not going to fare well there.

Bottom-line? Check their website, read the users/bloggers comments about the service, and if that's something that sounds interesting, give BlogRush a try!

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