Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Blogger feature: Readers can now track post comments by email

I just noticed a new, or perhaps new to me, Blogger feature. When you post a comment as a reader of a blog, you now have the option to track any future replies to the post via email. This is nice because it can bring back your commenters or the people who are interested in a specific post disucssion. Thank you Blogger for adding it!

Alternately a reader can also subscribe to the RSS feed of all the comments posted on your blog, but that usually is used by hardcore fans of a blog, not the average internet reader who just wants to see if his/her question or comment is answered in a particular blog post.

This on top of the existing option for blog writers/owners to be notified of all comments posted on their own blog(s). To get to his option, logon to your Blogger account, then click on Settings and then Comments for that.

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